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There are many reasons to rent a condo or townhome instead of a hotel or motel, especially at Smith Mountain Lake. If you’re planning a vacation here, read on for the top reasons Smith Mountain Lake condos and townhomes are the right choice when it comes to vacation lodging.

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If you’re looking for a vacation getaway, it may seem as if hotel accommodations are impossible to find at Smith Mountain Lake. There are some available, but they are often quite a drive from the lake itself—which is where you want to be! In this case, booking our Smith Mountain Lake condo rentals is your best option.

Saves Money

As a way to save money, many groups are turning to vacation rentals. Not only is it cheaper than hotel rooms to house the whole gang, but you can also split the cost with friends or family and get even more savings! When looking at renting Smith Mountain Lake townhomes instead of hotels, there’s an undeniable incentive here. And. your whole group can stay in one place instead of being scattered all over the hotel—or all over the area!

Spacious Living Areas

Family vacations are a time for parents and kids to relax, not fight over what channel to watch. People are all crammed into one hotel room in a hotel with only one TV to watch from an uncomfortable position on an unfamiliar bed. Today it’s hard enough to get everybody in one car without someone getting left behind, so imagine what can happen if you have your whole extended family living under the same roof?


With Smith Mountain Lake condos and townhomes, it’s a lot easier to bring pets. Many of our condos and townhomes are pet friendly; just contact us and ask about it!

Everyday Life Needs

Can’t decide where to eat one night on your vacation? Well, cook at home! This can also be a money-saver and helps families with picky eaters. All our Smith Mountain Lake townhomes and condos have laundry facilities, so you don’t need to do it in a laundromat.

These are just a few of the reasons a vacation home rental is ideal for most travelers nowadays. Contact us today to see how we can make your vacation one for the record books with our Smith Mountain Lake condos rentals and townhomes!