Smith Mountain Lake is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination nestled within the serene beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here, activities and attractions abound. Smith Mountain Lake rentals are unique thanks to the gorgeous manmade lake that serves as the central anchoring point. Below, we’ve listed out just a few of the many reasons you should plan your next vacation in Smith Mountain Lake. Read on to learn more!

Cleanest, Most Picturesque Lake on the East Coast

Smith Mountain Lake is the second-largest freshwater lake in the state of Virginia, home to over 500 miles of jaw-dropping shoreline and over 23,000 acres of open water. It’s the ultimate lake destination, where locals and visitors spend their days boating, paddling, and more. The lake is also renowned for its clean water, as well as being one of only a handful of lakes that has remained free of invasive plant and animal species. Enjoy touring this expansive lake by power boat and paddle boat alike!

A Unique Region and Lifestyle

Here, you can rent a boat and ride right up to your vacation rental, then take the boat for a spin out to one of the many restaurants, retailers, and stores that make their base along the lake.

As part of the Blue Ridge Mountain region, Smith Mountain Lake is also known for having the best outdoor adventures on the East Coast as well as a deep, storied history that characterizes this lovely region. You can even attend the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival here during October every year, which celebrates the unique folk culture of Smith Mountain Lake and the rest of the area.

An Array of Local Wineries

Smith Mountain Lake is a haven for wine lovers—especially those that appreciate locally-made wines. Additionally, Smith Mountain Lake hosts its annual Wine Festival in September, which draws quite a crowd of locals and visitors alike. Plan a visit to Hickory Hill Vineyards, Ramulose Ridge Vineyards, White Rock Vineyard, Brooks Mill Winery, and others during your stay!

Amazing Historical Attractions

The Smith Mountain Lake area is home to some of the nation’s most important historical monuments. The Booker T. Washington National Monument is located in the town of Hardy. The National D-Day Memorial is situated in the nearby town of Bedford, which experienced the greatest percentage of population loss in the entire country during World War II. And Thomas Jefferson’s famously self-designed Poplar Forest house is located just a short drive away.

Gorgeous Homes Available for Your Stay

Finally, the rental properties in Smith Mountain Lake VA—including our very own vacation rentals—are so beautiful that the region hosts a Charity Home Tour in October each year to honor eight of the most beautiful homes around the lake. Stay in one of the lake’s stunning homes and add a special touch to your stay!

Premier Vacation Rentals – Where All Great Smith Mountain Lake Stories Begin

Our team of reservation specialists is standing by, eager to lend you their local knowledge of the area and help you enjoy your time in Smith Mountain Lake to the fullest. Contact our office by email or by phone and ask about booking your lodgings in one of our beautiful vacation rental properties today!