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Top 5 Local Smith Mountain Lake Shops

Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia is a beautiful natural area that many call an amazing spot to vacation. While you can spend your whole trip just hiking around this amazing natural wonder, one of the best things to do is shop at the local establishments. Here is a list of the top five local Smith Mountain Lake shops to visit during your trip.

Urban Gypsy

Urban Gypsy is a brick-and-mortar boutique located in the historic Grandin Village. This amazing shop and boutique opened in 2010 and offers a relaxed and friendly shopping atmosphere with an emphasis on exceptional customer service and relationships. The store has a large selection of specialty women’s, men’s, children’s, home, and pet products. The great people at Urban Gypsy want to set up the feeling of comfort all around their visitors. This starts with their old brick building that has been upgraded to give you an old world yet modern feel. They strive to provide a wonderfully quaint and also modern store that prides itself on values of sustainable products, unique items, and a wonderfully welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The clothing, accessories, gifts, and homeware are all beautifully curated and thoughtfully arranged in their home in the historic Grandin Village. Anyone who has stepped into Urban Gypsy for a new outfit or a gift for a loved one, will have come out feeling they found a place that is so quintessentially Roanoke. A place where inspiring trends are brought to life in the comfort of community feel.

Mama Ann Gifts and Goodies

Mama Ann Gifts and Goodies stands out distinctly among Smith Mountain Lake shops and has a beautiful history behind it. The store is named after the owner’s mother, Antonina Cavacini, or Ann for short. She was born to Italian immigrants in Washington D.C. and always enjoyed shopping and being welcomed into the store with a friendly “Hello, Mama Ann.” She had a passion for choosing gifts for others and helping the store succeed by supporting the local small business. When Mama Ann passed away, the store was renamed after her, but her spirit remained with the store. They seek to provide guests with perfect gifts, food, and items that Mama Ann would pick out for you. This includes laser engraving for personalized items to take home with you during your trip and amazing nautical items to remind you of the importance of the water that the Smith Mountain Lake area holds so dear.


Reclaimed is an amazing, eclectic collection of vintage and restored items ready for pickup by any who browse their collection. Established in June 2016, Reclaimed’s mission is to “Serve, Inspire, and Captivate” the customers who browse their incomparable selection of décor, vintage, furniture, gifts, apparel, and more. Each talented, creative shopkeeper shows off their aesthetic by curating and displaying their finds in lovingly maintained “shops.” Curiosities arrive daily to include items that are old, new, and refurbished. Reclaimed seeks to showcase American-made goods and sustainable, environmentally friendly products offered at reasonable prices, without sacrificing quality. Along with the goods available for sale, Reclaimed also has workshops for guests to participate in and create their own goods. These workshops allow for three to six people to participate and require advance notice to set up.

Southern Roots

Southern Roots is a specialty gift store that specializes in anything for any occasion. From specialty gifts, clothing and accessories, home and dock decor, and local craft items, Southern Roots offers goods for every need and want. The owner is distinctly Southern and wants to give everyone that famous Southern hospitality. She was raised to always cherish the traditions and celebrations centered around family. Food was always the first priority for any gathering, but decor was just as important. She strives to bring these traditions to the store and hopes to share her love of making pretty things to use as decor in your home. Along with their goods, the store also offers monthly arts and crafts workshops for those who want to make something else to bring home with them.

Bridgewater Plaza

Bridgewater Plaza is a collection of over 15 different local stores and restaurants that lie right on Smith Mountain Lake. The collection of local Smith Mountain Lake shops includes five different stores including Smith Mountain Wake Company, Glazed Bisque-It, Bridgewater Plaza Leasing and Slip Rental, Bridgewater Sportswear, and Gifts Ahoy. Smith Water Wake Company is a family owned and operated water sports and recreation company that offers skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding rentals. Glazed Bisque-It is a create your own ceramic painting company that allows people of all ages to select a piece and have fun painting. Bridgewater Sportswear allows visitors to select from their large selection of sportswear that has a focus in water sports. Finally, Gifts Ahoy is a local shop that has a great selection of gifts from handbags and accessories to locally made sweets. All of these amazing shops are put together in one area with amazing views of the lake!

Enjoy a day of shopping near Smith Mountain Lake, followed by some rest and relaxation in one of or fantastic rental homes on the water. Contact us today to book your escape!