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Top “Strange” Attractions to Visit in Smith Mountain Lake

Many visitors who come to places like Smith Mountain Lake have the standard types of activities and attractions planned for their vacation, from sightseeing at historical landmarks to spending a day on the water or doing family-friendly indoor activities. However, switching up your plans and visiting the occasional odd, strange, or even supernatural attraction can be extremely exciting. If nothing else, it certainly makes for a great story! Here is our list of the top unusual attractions you’ll encounter in Smith Mountain Lake!

Route 666 and the 7 Gates of Hell

On the maps, Route 666 is located just outside of Forest, VA, making it easy to check out this road on your way to Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest. However, legend has it that there is a property located near Route 666 with a dark history.

Known as the 7 Gates of Hell and believed to be in Bedford, VA, Bedford County, or Franklin County, this vast property and its seven iron gates are said to be haunted by the ghosts of African-Americans killed on its grounds. Supposedly, no outsider has ever gotten past the 5th gate, at which point all electronic devices and vehicles cease working. It may be an urban legend, but if you’re interested in the supernatural, it may be worth checking out!

Fairy Stone State Park

Looking for what to do at Smith Mountain Lake? About an hour southwest of Smith Mountain Lake is Fairy Stone State Park, named for the rare and unique “fairy stones” found on its grounds, said to have formed from fairies crying over the death of Jesus Christ. Virginia is one of only five places in the world where these stones are found. Go hunting for these extraordinary cross-shaped staurolite crystals formed together at 60- to 90-degree angles.

What to Do at Smith Mountain Lake: Smith Mountain Lake Farm

From its name, it sounds just like a regular farm, right? But this farm in Hardy on the west side of the lake has a unique specialty that you may not have seen before: alpacas! Bred and raised for their wool, the alpacas at this Smith Mountain Lake Tourism are well cared-for. Take a tour and visit the alpaca nursery for an extra dose of cuteness!

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